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santa arrives early in basingstoke, newbury and maidenhead !!

Christmas Eve and New Year's eve are special occasions to celebrate. Time to light the fire, put your feet up and share a cosy meal with close friends and family. Due to popular demand, Adda Hut would like to help you to celebrate with 2 special deliveries to bring your favourite dishes to your door.


Simply call or whatsapp @07447552987 and we will deliver your order on Christmas Eve and New Year's eve to your door. Orders can be placed anytime now until 24 hours before delivery. Please note the approximate delivery times. In case of any delay due to traffic or weather conditions, we will keep you updated. Savour the taste and celebrate.  



24 Dec 4-430 PM

31 Dec 4-430 PM

Min Order Value : £49.95

Del Charges :





24 Dec 5-530 PM

31 Dec 5-530 PM

Min Order Value : £49.95

Del Charges : £5.95




24 Dec 6 -7 PM

31 Dec 6 -7 PM

Min Order Value : £49.95

Del Charges : £5.95


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